I consider my detailing to be 'Raw & Natural', I don't "doll up" a car with nasty make up such as a shiny silicone, in these cases you’ll find that damage may occur once the product has evaporated. It may seem strange, but some vehicles can look better with a grunge edge to them, yes many customers want the brand new glossy look, and this can be achieved with patience. In some cases I wont let the job become too overly detailed, in other words not leaving that "Just detailed" trademark, this type of custom detailing comes into play with classics, the owner has it for years or passed down from generations, and I don’t want to turn it into something they no longer feel attached to by its dramatic plastic recognition.

    Moritz, at 45 years of age remains the quiet achiever, his completed work simply does the talking. 95% of his income is solely via "word of mouth". It is important to thoroughly maintain a vehicle. These days it is not just the engine to service, but the entire body & interior are very important, this is what we see & sit in. Re-sale value is based on first appearance, & beauty both in & out counts!  Our harsh environment, one day rain, next day 40 degree heat waves, takes a toll on paint, plastic, leather & vinyl, thus needing a professional treatment & protection to make a car last. AMOR, it means Love..

     Many out there, neither have trade qualifications, nor training in a Credited Institution or via a Qualified Instructor. And yet, after a few years of washing their mums & family car do claim themselves as ‘Pros’ "Experts" or even ‘masters’. Working with paint needs to be left to people with skill, I say it's better to pay a few extra bucks for the peace of mind. 


    This Phoenix logo has been part of our family tradition circa 1970 at the family panel shop in Melbourne, this heritage comes from Sicily in Italy. Automotive has been in my families bloodline now for over 2 generations.We did at times call our work.... THE ITALIAN JOB.

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    Automotive refinishing 1989 (Trade Cert Australian Apprenticeship)

    Spray painting 1989 (Trade Cert Swinburne Fully Qualified)

    Body shop repair & restoration 1991 (2nd year apprentice)

    Dulux PPG Paint colour matching 1990 (Cert)

    Light Spectrum analytical colour matching (diploma)

    PDR (Paint less dent removal) & ultrasonic dent removal (Cert)

    Authorised Paint Protection Applicator since 1988 (various systems)

    Auto trimming basic Dry Cleaning work studies (basic)

    Plastic welding training (basic)

    Marine Gel-coat & fibre glass restoration (completion)


    AMOR Auto Detail, Cannot recommend them enough. Absolutely brilliant work and service. Have never met a person with such passion and attention to detail. I think it would be impossible to find anyone in Australia more fussy than Mortiz the owner, when it comes to detailing. Highly Recommended. 

    Elvir, Lamborghini owner.

    Thank you Moritz for your fantastic work! Nice to see someone who is so passionate about their trade and simply a perfectionist. Has gone beyond and above to make sure I was a satisfied customer. Would recommend to anyone and everybody! Thanks again! Mercedes owner.

     I have been to plenty of car detailing but this is the Best and Most reasonable priced car detail company I've ever come across. I highly recommend Amor Auto Detail because the team take pride in their work and and are truly honest people and that's exactly what we look for in any services. 


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