IL MAESTRO MIGLIORE, Patience is my virtue

  • Red automobile after car polishing
  • Steinway & Sons black and white piano keys

A detail for those whom consider the car as a driving opera. Suited for rare classic cars that need special treatment and care & paint to look mirror - like. If you are one that seeks excellence, Call me for an inspection for what you desire in exclusive detailing, where every product used will be specially ordered to suit. Please note an average cost for "Il Maestro" detail is $2500 with 40+ work hours to obtain the acquired result, this detailing is at very high competition level. I use a climate controlled & dust free detailing studio in 'Camberwell' to perform this detail. This detail cannot be performed on mobile site unless you have a suitable environment.


Mauritz had the privledge to work in Italy (1999), learning from the true masters of quality and perfection on Fiat, Lancia, Alfa, & Laverda motos. 

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