Award winning vehicle restoration detailing since 1988

Before choosing a 'detailer' ask ... 

Would you hire a person without qualification or licence? 

Beware, some with less than 10 years experience call themselves "Pro" & "Master" 

yet hold no credit by a certified Automotive Institution or acquired any Victorian trade certificates.

In fact! they most likely learnt to clean or polish by watching "Youtube".

In 1989 I qualified as a certified custom spray painter &  professional auto body re-finisher in Melbourne, Australia.


The only class where you can actually study on super cars & motorcycles that cost as much as a house... yes you will get to detail a Lamborghini!


AMOR Auto detail offers a certified training course in detailing by a trade qualified instructor. A "true" certification should only be  issued by a qualified Trades-person whom holds a degree or credential, hence being a certified document.

The benefits of this are high, one being that I am insured by the trade profession & have duty of care & liability to teach proper industry standards.

Mauritz Montesalvo has over 30 years in professional automotive restoration industry & is an accredited instructor. He worked in body shops in Australia and Italy during the 1990s being a pre-delivery detailer & quality inspector for such cars as Alfa, Fiat & Laverda motorcycles. Working alongside true Italian masters, being the early days when Rupes was entering the polishing game from sanders.

Mauritz used the first Rupes random orbital polisher in the mid 90ies. His peers whom now long retired were such as Ferrari pre-delivery inspectors. In this time gained a world of knowledge and truly accomplished skills by learning from the best tradesmen and institutions, adding his many years of practice and science to become a true professional right down to the molecular structure of paint physics & element composition & experimental aspect of tools & products.

 Detailing training classes Melbourne

"Wow a fantastic feeling driving a car that's been freshly detailed"!  

AMOR, Is offering Workshop Classes of intense practical training in detailing and paint correction. Learn One on One the skill in automotive detailing - Classes are adaptive and customised to student’s knowledge; Students with prior experience are welcome to learn further knowledge. All equipment and products are supplied. The classes cover what you need to know in the 'real world', the tricks & trade secrets that have taken me many years to obtain & perfect. I offer you my years of knowledge, and 30 years of experimenting & inventing my own techniques. This is priceless!

Classes held in Melbourne, & I travel interstate to teach in Queensland once per year. For detail school fee cost, please fill out contact form below with all your details including current skill level. 


  •  Polish.  Perfect.  Protect.

    Car Detailing Melbourne 

    7 days a week - FREE valet service

  • protection

    I first worked with paint protection systems in 1988. After sorting many products via testing & applications & value for money. I offer only the world best car paint protection in my detail kit.  

  • polishing

    In recent years, advanced machines and products have enabled polishing to enter a whole new level. What we thought was a great shine years ago, well, we can make it near mirror finish today.

  • detailing

    I consider my detailing  to be 'Raw & Natural', 

    I don't "doll up" things with cheap & nasty make-up such as silicone or glaze fillers.

    All detailing work is satisfaction guaranteed!

Anyone can learn about car care. All you need to do is watch Youtube!

If you think people on Youtube give away all the secrets, please beware! You may have the worlds best equipment tools and products money can buy... But know, even with a blunt sword A true master can defeat an untrained opponent. I can show you the path, its up to you to become the expert.

Remember, detailing like any thing, the more you practice the better you become.


I am constantly learning myself, as new paints, tools and products come along, we learn, we adapt & we excel. I travelled to the USA during the 90s, where I attended event & product expos, in those days they were dedicated to industry & underground compared to nowadays. Every 2-3 years I travel to Italy and pass via Dubai to jump in on handy seminars to see the latest ideas, products & tools.



 There's no school like the old school! 


The topics are:

  • DAY 1WHEELS / WINDOWS / ENGINE / INTERIOR. 7 hour practical class.

Wheels -  being alloy or plastic covers, they are different, learn a simple / effective way to make wheels look great!

This study will include the tyres and brakes.

Window clearing - something new here to learn.

Engine bay - the proper technique to perfectly detail the bay, and oil removal.

Interior  -Here you shall practice how to restore everything you find inside a vehicle.

Learn the tricks of the trade, make a console dash come back to life.

See easy ways of carpet cleaning, steam, stain removal, and vinyl / leather revival.

  • DAY 2. PAINT Restoration & polishing. 7 hour practical class.

At age 19 Moritz became an accomplished automotive spray painter, this is a great advantage to anyone wanting to learn how to restore paint to a shine. You will learn approaches to diverse paint molecule structures and apply different steps, for all types of materials, custom, candy, pearl and metallic, from water based products to electrostatic paints. Learn the old school way mixed with modern techniques. Moritz will show you how to look at the paint to see what process is required to achieve maximum results, no measuring device is better than experience and the human eye, and you will learn how to accomplish this. The workshop will cover all processes required to decontaminate and restore paint. Learn about compounds, and the use of polish machines. Why paint can gloss and the reason why it can be made to shine. The class will also show the process of scuff and swirl repair. In addition you'll see the use of Paint sealants & Waxes. Here I show some diverse applications / treatments to achieve the best possible result. Learn briefly about paint protection systems and application, eg glass coatings.

Please note, I highly recommend you continue advanced study on paint correction, as Rome wasn't built in a day! 

  • DAY 3. 7 hour practical class.

Here you will have your project, where you will show me on your own, what you have learnt. On completion, if above satisfactory I grant a short course certificate in detailing, signed by a qualified tradesman, being myself.

My promise is that you will know principal detailing of a car before you go out into the world! l shout lunch and drinks...

PS - I do not teach how to wash a car, or use a vacuum. I will show how not to wash a car,  without the use of buckets!

This training will thoroughly  examine the science of detailing, as well as myth busting via heaps of experiments.

AMOR - It means love!

All autos great or small, CARS, MOTORCYCLES, MARINE detailing in Melbourne.


I also offer a Master Class for detailers diploma certificate in Paint Correction & touch – ups / scratch repair. You will learn the science & we will become myth busters for a day. The ''how, why & what'' are all explored.


Topics are:

    •  Why orange peel has more gloss. 
    • Reflection vs. Gloss vs. Shine, Whats the difference?  
    • Applications in diverse paint. 2K, ACRY, Enamel, Aqua, static,   
    •  How to identify a fresh body work repair.   
    •  To wet sand or not to wet sand? 
    • The secret to orange peel & surface structure.
    • 5 reasons NEVER to do masked line 50/50 shots on a clients car.
    • How to blend out paint repair by polishing 
    • Paint break down gelling and molecular structure. 
    • Is a compound just a lubricant? Discover what really makes gloss.
    •  Pneumatic, High speed and heat polishing.  
    • Rotary wool pad polishing & temperature.
    • Fail safe 'Guide Coat' Application methods in polishing 
    • Melting points of paints. Myth busters.   
    • Water polishing - without compound   
    • The real reason why pads disintegrate.
    • Techniques to polish without masking 
    •  Learn to do 2 stages of polishing in one step
    • Feather brush & syringe injection touch-ups. 
    • Over spray & graffiti removal. 
    • Gel-coat & fibre glass compounds
    • Learn to be efficient to maximise profit.  

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Melbourne Car Detailing 


Skilled detailers are most welcome to do this course as the Diploma Certificate shall be beneficial to you.

Whilst others may offer training some of these people do not even hold a basic certificate in any type of automotive field & lawfully shouldn't teach.

Although detailing is not recognised as a trade in Australia, there may come this day, and this diploma may assist to be part of an association.

It will assist in obtaining proper Trade insurance which is far cheaper which also reduces your excess & has other benefits.

You may consider doing a trade skill recognition assessment which will cost approx $2000, = you will not learn from it, but will need to know ALL of it.

Proudly introducing Moritz Montesalvo,   A certified Auto-body Re-finisher with over 30 years experience in auto cosmetic repair, detailing, restoration & custom spray painting. Moritz is an educator & teacher in detailing, & qualified to grant trainee-ship to an apprentice in auto body refinishing. In 2014 decided to step into the domestic world to the general public.

He is a multi-award winning detailer and custom spray painter with work shown in hundreds of car events and featured in multiple magazines since the late 80’s. In this time acquired an array of competition trophies for own projects & clients. Moritz has completed (est) 25,000+ projects, many which cost more than a house in Australia and overseas in Italy working on Fiat, Alfa and Lancia cars. 

    • Automotive refinishing 1989 (Trade Cert Australian Apprenticeship)
    • Spray painting 1989 (Trade Cert TAFE Fully Qualified)
    • Body shop repair 1990  (Italy)
    • Dulux PPG Paint colour matching 1990 (Cert)
    • Light Spectrum analytical colour matching (diploma Italian)
    • PDR (Paint less dent removal) & ultrasonic dent removal (Cert)
    • Authorised Paint Protection Applicator since 1988 (various systems)
    • Auto trimming basic knowledge
    • Dry Cleaning work studies (basic)
    • Plastic welding training (basic)
    • Marine Gel-coat & fibre glass restoration (completion)
    • Metal Fab Welding (Cert) Auto Mechanical (Cert 1)
  • Learn to Detail a Custom Motor Cycle

    Many think a bike is just a simple high pressure soap wash... this is not the case. I will show you just how different parts are from a car to a bike. There's things you need to know about chain & belt drives. Spoke wheels & tyres & seats & grips need to be treated all differently. Products you should NOT ever use. I offer a 4 hour class on how to detail a bike made simple. We will cover custom choppers, super sports, Harley Davidson & MotoX

  • A man applies a spray painter on a car
  • Spray Painting workshop 

    I offer a basic day of spray painting.. In this day, we will do Acrylic & 2K paints. Preparation, mixing and application. Perfect intro for the beginner.