3-picture-montage of a boat from outside and inside


Working with gel-coat paints takes a special know-how. The structure is totally diverse & the polishing technique & compound used are not the same as auto paint. For a great result to the exterior of your water craft it's a wise choice to employ someone with the skill to bring up the best shine & give the best protection to your marine, yacht, cruiser, jet ski, or fishing boat. 

This past summer I worked on many projects, and are currently in process of editing the Marine Video.. please come back soon. Meantime you can see a gallery by hitting the jet ski image here or watch the video of a recent restoration. Please visit my FACEBOOK page for more projects.


All aircraft should be treated differently, I do not have a large folio on aircraft for two reasons. It is a particular skill that requires much patience & time, anyone that works on aircraft must be legally trained, to document & log book the detail as these do fly and there is much scrutiny & peoples lives matter.  And of the few special clients I detail lear jets & helicopters, for privacy reasons I do not upload photos.

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