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About Mauritz 

I made this page to show a personal & friendly side to myself and my passion.. this is how I wish to connect with you.‘Mauritz Montesalvo', is a Trade qualified Spray painter & a Master Detailer with Over 30 years working in Automotive Paint Restoration Industry. Over the past 2 decades has worked exclusively for the commercial trade such as dealership & body shops and freelanced in a private market- only via word of mouth being very proud to work for some very successful people, famous sports & TV celebrities till this day are part of his clientele. In 2014 decided to enter into the domestic market & offer his profession & skill to the general public.


Mauritz Montesalvo Born in August 1969, star sign Virgo = perfectionist!

A happy husband and proud father... My friends know me as a grand sense of humour and a big hearted personality. Loving life, meeting people,travelling, love my pets, and devoted to family and respected by friends... and love restoring cars of course ;-)

I was born into the family panel shop,  My uncle, being a master panel beater & spray painter, introduced me the craft. I became intrigued loved watching his workmanship on all types of accident repairs. At age 15, I was repairing & painting body work, completing hundreds of diverse automobiles.

I learnt many skills and 'tricks of the trade' by years of practice & much trial & error, and nights at trade school. I grew a passion for old classics, my dream as a kid was to build a 1969 Mustang (dream did come true)

In the mid 80's I indulge my life into cars, taking involvement of most things automotive, hot-rod shows, expos / events, custom modified clubs, magazines & of course collecting & restoring many of my own projects, some great, some not so good. In the late 80ies Mauritz was one of the early people in Australia to apply protection systems to new cars, working with a product called “Ming”.

At 21, an accomplished award winning car restorer & custom 'spray painter'.

I love the whole process of changing something from one colour to another, especially seeing a rusty run down white car; turn into a new shining red in just a few weeks… a great feeling of accomplishment. I excelled in custom paint work, pearls, candy, & various special effects, & many diverse products and colour mixing.

In 1997 I worked overseas for 2 years; my skills easily landed me a role as a paint quality inspector and pre delivery detailer for new cars, at a respected automotive refinishing facility dealership where my projects were Italian vehicles such as Fiat, Alfa and Lancia.I consider myself as a quiet achiever as over two decades now operating solely via "word of mouth" clearly means I am doing something good.

I truly like to be on the road meeting people from all places, ages, races, religions & colours. In the late 90ies till 2009 I became involved with other opportunities outside of the auto industry; I became a very successful night club owner & promotional manager for many venues around Melbourne, whilst only working for selected private car owners & my own projects. Now late 40ies, have set myself up comfortably due to hard work & commitment, 

& now focus on the auto projects that I enjoy as it relaxes me. I always have the passion for autos. Working on projects to be looking the best at shows or up for sale or super clean for a magazine. To be involved with the Love others have for their car, it’s great, I see it more like a hobby than a job.    

Thanks sincerely for reading....

Mauritz Montesalvo

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