Montage of a white motor bicycle and a white sports car

Please watch the videos here that show paint correction polishing. 


When I first started  in the 1980s, all I had was a Makita 2 speed rotary machine buff. The term cut and polish was around, meaning to cut a layer off the paint surface, with heat & high speed a grit compound with water to break down acrylics allowing the paint to gel & gloss, and finish by hand polish, some body shops still use this method it is a fast way to get a shine, and with skill it can look well. This technique has a few draw backs:

  1. May leave swirl marks that look like holograms.
  2. Will not produce maximum gloss unless highly skilled.
  3. Can make serious damage if not in the right hands.

In recent years, advanced machines and compound technologies have enabled polishing to enter a whole new level. What we thought was a great shine years ago, well, we can make it near mirror finish today. This process is now called paint correction by many. Every single car paint has a diverse approach, using different pads, pressures, speeds and compounds, it takes many years to master these methods.


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Melbourne Car Detailing

Red sports car in a showroom

Level one

This is a single stage machine polish, takes out minor imperfections on paint, suited to light colour paint. Leaves a nice gloss.  $190 small car.

Orange painting on an oldsmobile's engine hood

Level two 

2 stages of machining, cutting  deeper scuffs & swirls, this type of polishing is suited for dark paints. Leaves a high gloss. $290 small car

Newly painted black land rover

Level three 

3 stage process, will eliminate 90% swirls & scuff marks leaving a brilliant gloss for all paints. $490 small car


Montage of before and after car painting correction

Level four 

Multi stage polishing for severely damaged paint, may need wet sanding in areas, & touch ups. This polishing will make paint as good as it can without need to respray. $690 small car - inspection required.