Award winning vehicle restoration detailing since 1988

Before choosing a 'detailer' ask ... 

Would you hire a person without qualification or licence? 

Beware, some with less than 10 years experience call themselves "Pro" & "Master" 

yet hold no credit by a certified Automotive Institution or acquired any Victorian trade certificates.

In fact! they most likely learnt to clean or polish by watching "Youtube".

In 1989 I qualified as a certified custom spray painter &  professional auto body re-finisher in Melbourne, Australia.

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''Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten''

Melbourne Car Detailing 


"Wow a fantastic feeling driving a car that's been freshly detailed"!  

Below are levels of detailing to choose. Please contact for a custom quote to suit your needs. 


  •  Polish.  Perfect.  Protect.

    Car Detailing Melbourne 

    7 days a week - FREE valet service

JUST OUTSIDE THE "DIOR” detail from $150

This is the super exterior treatment detail. Absolutely everything you see, touch and feel on the outside of your car will be clean and definded.

With a fresh look to paint, trims, grills, bumpers, rubbers, wheels & windows in & out, High pressure, foam wash, touch-less wash with special products leaving a slick finish to paint. A thorough cleanse and clay decontamination of all exterior surfaces. An intense detail wheels & tyres, Brake calipers, Disks, lugs, arches & suspension. Call for a custom quote.

  • protection

    I first worked with paint protection systems in 1988. After sorting many products via testing & applications & value for money. I offer only the world best car paint protection in my detail kit.  

  • polishing

    In recent years, advanced machines and products have enabled polishing to enter a whole new level. What we thought was a great shine years ago, well, we can make it near mirror finish today.

  • detailing

    I consider my detailing  to be 'Raw & Natural', 

    I don't "doll up" things with cheap & nasty make-up such as silicone or glaze fillers.

    All detailing work is satisfaction guaranteed!

JUST INSIDE THE "GUCCI” detail from $150

A pampering interior treatment detail. Absolutely everything you see, touch & feel on the interior will become fresh, sanitised & All UV protected. Get a meticulous detailed look to leather / fabric seats & carpets by way of steaming, extraction shampoo, stains removed & everything vacuumed. Interior compartments, under seats, cup holders, ash trays, dash / console, trims, belt clips, windows & visors, cleaned & UV protected.  Call for a custom quote.

AMOR - It means love!

All autos great or small, CARS, MOTORCYCLES, MARINE detailing in Melbourne.

INSIDE & OUT THE "D&G" detail from $250

Combines the 'Dior & Gucci' detailing as above - Plus - door jams cleaned & boot vacuum. Spot defects and scuff mark areas on paint will be eliminated.

A protection wax will be applied to paint to really make the colour shine. A great full detail to choose on a budget.  Call for a custom quote.

SHOWROOM FINISH THE "VERSACE" exclusive detailing from $350

A perfect detail for selling car or show. The entire car will be detailed. Boot to motor, by all the above methods with addition of machine paint polishing.

A high end wax  will be applied to give the colour shine and protection for up to 3 months. 



    • Stone Chip Repair
    • Headlight Clearing
    • Paint Touch-ups 
    • Leather revival & Protection 
    • Vinyl wrap removal 
    • Engine detailing
    • Spray Painting
    • Rust repairs
    • Dent removal 
    • Full restoration work 

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Melbourne Car Detailing 

  • Polishing
  • Protection
  • High End Detail
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